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Florida Hurricane Hardening Program for Condos

Legislators in Florida are advancing discussions on a potential hurricane hardening program designed to aid numerous condo associations across the state.


Gaining traction within the state Senate, a proposed bill is paving the way for the continuation of a successful grant initiative aimed at bolstering Florida residences against hurricanes. Lawmakers are also contemplating extending these benefits to condominium owners, taking cues from the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) campaign initiated in 2022.

The MSFH initiative, which encountered funding constraints, recently received unanimous endorsement from the upper chamber’s Fiscal Policy Committee, signaling further deliberations in the full Senate.


The My Safe Florida Home initiative, hailed as remarkably effective, seeks to fortify residential properties by providing eligible homeowners with grants of up to $10,000. These funds can be utilized for installing impact-resistant windows, potentially reducing insurance premiums.

Republican Senator Jim Boyd from Bradenton, a staunch supporter of the program, highlighted its role in decreasing individual insurance costs by an average of $800 to $900.

Senator Boyd’s proposed legislation aims to infuse over $100 million into the initiative for the upcoming fiscal year. Notably, the bill introduces new criteria, prioritizing low-income and senior homeowners aged 60 and above, a shift from previous protocols.


Apart from these advancements, legislators are actively exploring alternative avenues. One notable proposal is the introduction of the My Safe Florida Condo program, a pilot project inspired by the achievements of its home-focused counterpart.

Democratic Representative Christine Hunschofsky of Coconut Creek is leading this initiative, anticipating an initial allocation of $25 million. Similar to its predecessor, the program aims to assist low-income elderly populations residing within condominium associations.

As the legislation concerning Florida homes and condos progresses, its realization is contingent upon the broader budget. Supporters are optimistic about its prospects. Governor Ron DeSantis, a staunch advocate of the MSFH program, envisions its permanence as a vital component of the state’s ongoing endeavors to bolster resilience against hurricane threats.

The proposed legislation embodies a proactive stride towards safeguarding communities and nurturing resilience, underscoring the dedication of Florida lawmakers to the welfare of their constituents.