Where Santas Elves turn when they are concerned Santa might be tipsy.

Santa’s tradition of visiting the Garden State Plaza Mall has returned after over a 30-year hiatus. Prior to his return, Santa’s elves were worried that Santa could get tipsy in the wind after being outside day-in and day-out spreading his Christmas spirit and greeting patrons of the Mall. Soon, Santa’s Elves realized that they needed a Structural Engineer to make sure Santa could spread his cheer regardless of how hard the wind blew. The Elves set in out in search of a firm that had the unique capabilities to support Santa and save Christmas. After searching far and wide and making extensive checks with their naughty and nice lists, the Elves found Structural Workshop, LLC.  It was our pleasure to be chosen by the Elves to ensure that Santa could safely return to the mall and not be whisked away, ruining Christmas for families visiting the Mall. Structural Workshop, LLC worked with the elves and Center Stage Productions (who designed and constructed Santa) to design a 30+ foot high structural steel support cage, the anchorage of the cage and the ballasted concrete block system to support the over 40 foot high Santa. Once again, Santa can sit tall, straight, and proud and wish the families of Bergen County a Merry Christmas!